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Includes Both Notation and TAB plus Chords for Accompanist

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If you are looking for great Medieval pieces, they are within these pages. They are perfect for Medieval or Renaissance Faires, Concerts, Gigs, SCA events or just playing along with the CD for pleasure. I spend a lot of time choosing these pieces. I discard many more than I decide to keep in the collection. I play and play them and then I choose the best ones. I’m always discovering new pieces... well, old pieces which are new to me. Sometimes I find pieces I have heard over and over and then wonder why I have never used them. I think you will enjoy this collection for a long long time. Finding a great piece is a combination of finding the right piece of the right time.

A minstrel was a medieval European bard who performed songs whose lyrics told stories of distant places or of existing or imaginary historical events. Although minstrels created their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others. Frequently they were retained by royalty and high society. As the courts became more sophisticated, minstrels were eventually replaced at court by the troubadours, and many became wandering minstrels, performing in the streets and became well-liked until the middle of the Renaissance, despite a decline beginning in the late 15th century. Minstrelsy fed into later traditions of travelling entertainers, which continued to be moderately strong into the early 20th century, and which has some continuity down to today's buskers or street musicians. - From Wikipedia & A history of English literature: in a series of biographical sketches, By William Francis Collier

We also now have available a insert of all of the guitar parts for the pieces in the book written out in Notation or Tablature. It's only $8.95 plus shipping. Drop me a note at and I can give you a price for book plus the guitar parts. The vast majority of people use the chords for the accompany instruments.

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"The Pieces in Mandolin Music for the Medieval Minstrel

Toda Saude da Santa Rea (Cantiga 54)
Cantiga 706
Con Razon Ras Creaturas (Cantiga 342)
A Virgen, Madre de Nostro Sennor (Cantiga 41)
Null One Per Ren (Cantiga 361)
Cantiga Kimi
En Quantas Guisas os Seus Acorrer (Cantiga 339)
Sempre faz o Mellor (Cantiga 390)
Aquel qui do Voontade (Cantiga 249)
O Cantiga das Sombras (Cantiga 707)
Cantiga for Rachel in Am

Aquel que a Virgen Santa Maria (Cantiga 204)
Cantiga de Santa Maria
Santa Maria Loei (Cantiga 200)
Todo los Coitados que Ueren Saude (Cantiga 223)
Cantiga in Dm
Lauda Novella (13th Century Italy
Medieval Song
Santa Maria Valed



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Presented in beautifully scored Music Notation & Tablature

The music notation and tabllature are clear and crisp.
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Comes With a Compact Disc of the Pieces Performed by Allan Alexander

The CD, played by Allan Alexander, gives the musician the advantage of being able to hear how these songs can be played and will make the learning process easier. This is a high quality Digital recording (DDD). In addition to helping the player become familiar with the music, it will also be a source of listening pleasure.

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